There are many ways to give

Louisiana Warriors Unleashed is fueled entirely by volunteers and donations from people who share our passion and support our pursuit of excellence while providing our programs at no cost to the heroes that we help. The animal companions we provide to our heroes are sourced exclusively from shelters. They’re in need of a hero, just as much as each hero needs them. 

There are many ways to give. Donating your time, your talent, or funds helps the next hero connect with a trained and qualified animal companion.

Without contributions from our generous partners, volunteers and donators we’d never be able to continue doing what we’re doing for these heroes and these animals. 

Recurring & One-Time Donations

Protect the Future of Our Louisiana Warriors

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An alarming 22 Veterans commit suicide every day. Louisiana Warriors Unleashed is putting a STOP to this by providing first-class, life-saving programs that not only help veterans but first responders as well, return to civilian life with dignity and independence they all deserve! What we are doing WORKS! Our programs are preventing suicide.

In order to sustain our successful programs, we need your help. When a community of people rally behind a cause, anything is possible.

Your monthly gift of $22 or more will provide veterans/first responders and rescue dogs with a new look on life. A life with dignity and independence.


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By donating $22 or more per month, you will become a Louisiana Warriors Unleashed’s HONOR GUARD

As a special gift for Geauxing Honor Guard, you will receive a Louisiana Warriors Unleashed Tumbler and exclusive communications celebrating the impact of your monthly commitment.

Louisiana Warriors Unleashed runs on the support of the community. We absolutely would not be able to assist our Warriors and rescue dogs the way we do without help from people like you! Please consider making a gift today. In doing so, you will be a part of the solution to STOP 22 veteran suicides per day.